Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery, Town of Western, Oneida County, NY


Pillmore, Belle Arnold (wife of Frank F. Pillmore), 1855-1900

Pillmore, beloved son of Bertha M., (no dates)

Pillmore, Bertha E. 1886-(no date)

Pillmore, Bertha M. 1893-1976

Pillmore, Catherine, wife (of William Pillmore), Nov. 10, 1819-Aug. 11, 1900

Pillmore, Charles 1861-1955

Pillmore, Cheslar 1878-1962

Pillmore, Chester C. (no dates)

Pillmore, Clayton 1900-1940

Pillmore, David W. 1860-1941

Pillmore, E. Lloyd 1900-1949

Pillmore, Edmund R., son of Johnson Pillmore, 1873-1874

Pillmore, Edward F. May 7, 1862-Nov. 28, 1864

Pillmore, Eleanor H., dau of Frederick & Elizabeth Cogswell, 1895-1988

Pillmore, Elizabeth 1862-1936

Pillmore, Esther L. 1910-1990

Pillmore, Evelyn P. 1901-1926

Pillmore, Frank F. 1855-(no date)

Pillmore, Frankie Arnold, wife (of George E. Pillmore), 1859-1906

Pillmore, Frankie E. 1899-(no date)

Pillmore, George E. 1859-(no date)

Pillmore, George, son of George & Sarah Pillmore, died Apr. 18, 1858, age I yr 4 mos 15 dys

Pillmore, Golda Webster Apr. 9, 1890-May 17, 1960

Pillmore, Grace 1872-1952

Pillmore, Hattie, wife of N. M. Pillmore, died Feb. 2, 1897, age 96 yrs

Pillmore, Henry 1864-1899

Pillmore, Ina E. (no dates)

Pillmore, Ingeborg (no date)

Pillmore, James E. (no date)

Pillmore, John 1830-1909

Pillmore, Johnson 1848-1910

Pillmore, Katherine, wife (of Thomas Pillmore), 1838-1909

Pillmore, Lena K. 1882-1882

Pillmore, Leon T. 1884-(no date)

Pillmore, Leonard R. Aug. 24, 1881-Jan. 21, 1958

Pillmore, Louisa S. 1859-1920

Pillmore, Mabel Jones 1896-1956

Pillmore, Margaret, wife (of John Pillmore), 1835-1902

Pillmore, Mary J., wife of Dr. Pillmore, 1868-1951

Pillmore, Maud S. 1900-1909

Pillmore, May 1882-1964

Pillmore, Merritt 1879-(no date)

Pillmore, Minnie H. Olney, wife (of Charles Pillmore), 1867-1944

Pillmore, Phyllis J., wife (of Theodore R. Pillmore), married June 9, 1951, 1933-1996

Pillmore, Robert M. (no dates)

Pillmore, Ruth C. (no dates)

Pillmore, Ruth E. (no date)

Pillmore, Sara S. (no dates)

Pillmore, Sarah R. 1796-1882

Pillmore, Sarah R. wife of Johnson Pillmore, 1848-1887

Pillmore, Theodore R. 1928-1999

Pillmore, Thomas 1828-1905

Pillmore, W. Roy 1891-1915

Pillmore, William F. 1853-1927

Pillmore, William Mar. 22, 1821-Sep. 15, 1896

Pillmore, William Roy 1891 -(no date)

Pillmore, William T. 1910-1988