A. Collections of Newspaper articles, letters, etc.


This collection expanded to include articles on the Adirondacks, Boonville, Forestport, Otter lake and the Black River Canal.

1. Woodgate History 1900 - 2005

2. History with the Adirondack Park 1900-2000

3. Saving of the Adirondack Railroad 1971-2000

4. White Lake Corners - Woodgate Post Office 1850- 2000

5. Postcards of Forestport (Utley family)

6. Dam washouts 1895-1900 (Forestport) Photo collection

7. Topo maps of the area 1900-1950

8. Oneida County BiCentennial 1998 (Collection of newspaper articles from the Utica OD and the Joe Kelly series from the Boonville Herald's Oneida County BiCentennial Scrapbook


B. Collection of Family Genealogies:


1. Frederick Brand (Brant) - 1818

2. John Davidson and Elizabeth Jameston - 1791-1923

3. Dallarmi Family-Round Lake Woodgate, New York (Compiled by Robert Scheehl -2002 4. Thomas Eames (Isley family) - 1640 - present

5. Eames- Isley Family- Journal VoIXXY11-Lewis County Historical Society Nov. 2001 6. John Grabner - 1845

7. John George Isley - 1869 - 2000

8. George & Regina Kronmiller- 1824-1899

9. Harry Lloyd Jones - 1857

10. George W. Moon - 1795 - 2000

11. Martin Nestle - 1795

12. Robert Ottrim - 1821

13. George Russell & Sara Jones - 1635 - 1948

14. Jacob & Anna Marie (Nee Rottman) Scheehl - 1850 - 2000

(Scheehl) 1855. Family Names Delairmy, Schiffer

15. Thomas N. Wells 1837 (Oneida County)

16. Descendants of Samuel Utley - Forestport, Woodgate, Boonville



-Abundant Harvest - St Patrick's Church, Forestport

-Adirondack White Lake Association's- Minutes and Communications- Vol 1 & 2 -2004

-Adirondack Bush Pilot (VT VHS 974.761 ADI)-An interview with Lymond Farr - 2003

-After Genealogy -Vol 1: Pictures of Development of the Black River canal-Compiled by Shirley Brand - 2003

-Assessment Roll of Town of Forestport - 1855, 1875, 1883-84-Compiled by Grace Amicucci

-Autobiography of Ruth Waredale Rubyor - 1997

-Births, Deaths & Marriage Records from the Boonville Herald-Compiled by Karen Dwyer­1884-1938

-Boonville Directory of a portion of Oneida and Lewis County- Compiled by J.C.Kimball-1868

-Census of Oneida County 1850- Towns of Steuben, Ava, Floyd, Boonville, Western, Camden & Remsen

-Census (on CD) Disc 1- Townships of Annsville, Augusta, Bridgewater, Utica, Deerfield, & Florence Disc 2- Townships of Kirkland, Lee, Marcy, Marshall, New Hartford, Paris, Rome & Sangerfield - Disc 3- Townships of Trenton, Vernon, Verona, Westmoreland & Whitestown

-Charles Kronmiller's Memoranda Book - J. Huther 1998

-Civil War Roster List of Co K 117th Regiment, NYS enlistments from Townships of Augustus, Kirkland, Marshall and Remsen

-Early White Lake Corners 1870 - 1920 - J. Huther 1996

-First U.S. Census of New York State -1790

-Four Rivers Valleys Historical Society Journals Vol. 1-5 May 1978 - 2005

-Forestport Central School Graduating Class Photos- 1936-1987

-History of White Lake, A Camp Directory- Compiled by Barbara Spring - 2002

-Historic Forestport Post Cards: From the Collection of Larry Myers- 2003

-Honor Roll - Oneida County in WW1- 1917-191

-Jacob Booty- Collection of pictures and sculptures of Booty Hill- Donated by William Sears

-Long Times Campers & Camps of White Lake (VT VHS 974.761-Low) Narrated by Alan Woodruff for the Woodgate Library -2003

-Names & News from White Lake Corners Before 1900 - J. Huther 1998

-Music from the Mountains; New York State Music Camp, Otter lake - 1947-1996

-One Room School House of Frenchville, NY- Enrollments students & teachers 1847-1863

-Otter Lake memories - 1997

-Russell - Diaries of Albert B. Russell, Ilion, N.Y. - Written at White Lake Summer Home - 1895-1948

-Photographs from a Family Album- Compliments these Books "Up Old Forge Way", "Gods Country," "Adirondack Fire Towers"-Compiled by Shirley Brand - 2003

-White Lake Burying Ground Records of 1852

-White Lake Civic Association Minutes - 1923

-White Lake Telephone Co- minutes and records 1908-1929

-Woodgate School Merger Issue 1960-1974

-Woodgate Chapel Bibles 1876 - 1886


LOCAL INTEREST BOOKS - With local names and genealogy

-Adirondack Borderland: A legacy from the 1800's Woodgate N.Y. John Huther (974.762 HUT)

-Adirondack Faces & Places- Ruth Timm Pub. 2000

-Adirondack League Club 189- -1990 (367.974 ADI-non circulating) Ad League Club 1990

-Adirondack Stories of the Black River Country: Diary of Rev. Arthur Leslie Bryon-Curtis by William J. O'Hern- 2003

-Boonville and Its Neighbors: 1960- Tharratt G. Best

-Charles Kronmiller's Memoranda: Notes about White lake Corners 1874-1880 John Huther -2003

-"Deaths in the New York Reformer" - 1850 – 1861 Compiled by Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. ) Covers Jefferson, Lewis, St Lawrence and Oneida Counties - Pub. 1996

-Donovan, State Senator; 1966-1990- Ed Byrne

-Erie Canal's Long Reach into the Adirondacks by John Huther- 2004

-Forestport Breaks: A 19th Century Conspiracy Along the Black River canal by Michael Doyle

-Genealogical Journal of Oneida County, New York - Annual Newsletter - 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

-"A Genealogy of the Descendants of Theophilus Guillaume" by Irene Fox Uttendorfsky Pub. 1994

-Headhunters Guide to Genealogical Resources in Central new York- Mid York Library -2001

-Hermit of Jackson Hill: Genealogy of Livingston Lansing -1981

-History of Colgate University; 1819-1969- Howard D. Williams

-History of Hamilton County; 1965 - T. Aber & S. King

-History of the Lumber Industry in the State of N.Y:1901- William Fox

-History of Oneida County- NY 1667-1878 Prominent Men & Pioneers -1878

-Ice Harvesting in Early America (History of the Utica Ice Co at White Lake:1977- Dewey Hill Images of America: The Sauquoit Valley by Evelyn R. Edwards -2000

-Kevin J. Conway Reading Room - Artifacts of the life of Kevin J. Conway

-"Marriages in the New York Reformer"- 1850 – 1861 Compiled by Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. (Covers Jefferson, Lewis, St Lawrence and Oneida Counties - Pub. 1996

-Mohawk Valley, It's Legends and It's History: 1901 - W. Max Reid

-My History is America's History: Things you can do to save America's stories- 1999

-Oneida County N.Y.- new Century Atlas by Expert Engineers & Draughtsman-1907 (912.747)

-Our Country and It's People- descriptive work on Oneida County- Daniel E. Wager -1896 Patriot Ancestors of the General William Floyd Chapter- Daughters of the American revolu­tion (929.2 OUR)

-Senator William R. Sears Reading room - Artifacts of the life of William R. Sears

Tradition of Excellence: The Adirondack Fishery Research Partnership of the Adirondack Club & Cornell University -1950-2000 (non-circulating) Adirondack League Club - 2000 Utica for a Century and a Half- Thomas Wood Clark- 1952



1. Boonville Cemetery Plots -Book #1 -1884-2000

2. Boonville Cemetery Plots - Book# 2 - 1884 - 2000 (Compiled by Joanne Phillips, 2000)

3. Cemetery Death Notices - Compiled by Shirley Brand

Including Cemeteries of Boonville Ledger - 1853-55, Frenchville, Carmichael Hill, Eygpt, Gifford, Lee Valley, Northern Stueben, Stanwix, Western Presbyterian, White Lake-Woodgate

4. St. Patrick's Cemetery, Forestport Compiled by Karen Dwyer -2001

5. White Lake Cemetery, Woodgate, N.Y. Compiled by Karen Dwyer - 2001