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Lee Valley Cemetery

Lee Valley Road, Town of Lee


This cemetery is located on the north side of Lee Valley Road and was originally a family cemetery for the Fillmores. In 1827 the land was deeded to the town of Lee for public use. In the mid 1850's the First Episcopal Church was built next to the cemetery. The church is no longer there.


This cemetery listing was typed by Kathleen L. Last, August 24, 1998. The inscriptions were copied directly from the tombstones. The earliest stone copied was 1812. Any information added that did not appear on the stone is in brackets ().



Kathleen L. Last & Virginia Ackerman

All rights reserved


Adams, Samuel died Jan. 25, 1866. age 66 yrs

Adams, Sarah, wife of Samuel Adams, died Aug. 9, 1873, aged 84 yrs (stone broken)

Adams, Mary, dau of Samuel & Sarah Adams, died Feb. 28, 1848, age 20 yrs

Adams, Henry died Jul. 4, 1840, age 66 yrs

Adams, Phebe, wife of Henry Adams, died Dec. 15, 1845, age 67 yrs

Adams, Mary died Mar. 22, 1870, age 52 yrs


Affanato, Arletta G.(Streun), (dau. of J. Frederick & Inez Cook Streun Webb), (Dec. 6), 1903 - (Nov. 26),1972


Agans, Willard 1851-1923

Agans, Emily L., wife (of Willard Agans) 1850-1938


Allen, James E. 1860-1909

Allen, Emma E., (dau of Charles & Ellen Dowd Gregoire), wife (of James E. Allen), 1861-(no date) (b: Oct. 24, 1861 d: Mar. 23, 1956)

Allen, Emmagene, dau (of James & Emma Allen), 1883-1883

Allen, Julia A., mother (of James E. Allen), 1832-1898

Allen, Mary 1846-1911

Allen, Melinda (Tharratt), (wife of William Allen), 1827- (Mar. 24), 1910

Allen, William 1823-1909


Armstrong, Sylvia, wife of Archibald Armstrong, died May 31, 1835, aged 26 yrs


Ashfield, George J. 1891-1959

Ashfield, Le Etta Conrad 1888-19(no date)

Ashfield, Edward E. 1894- (Nov. 10), 1975

Ashfield, Viola H. 1883-1956