The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1 855The Boonville Ledger


       WHEATSON, ____ - Antwerp, A murdered man named Wheatson found (BL 17 Feb 1855)

       WHEELER, Ebeneser, Jr. – died Constableville, l5th inst., age 62 years (BL Feb

       or Mar 1855, date cut off, last paper in Vol. III, No. 49)

       WHEELER, Mary Ann Miss – trial for the murder of M.W. Lace at Milwaukee (BL 28

       May 1853)

       WHITTLESEY, Clarissa Mrs. – died West Turin, on 26th inst., no age, daug of

       Lemuel Scovil of West Turin (BL 4 Feb 1854)

       WIGGINS, Thomas Jefferson – died Boonville on 9th inst., of croup, in his 4th

       year, oldest son of Matilda & George Wiggins, funeral today, Saturday at the

       Methodist Church by Rev. Smith (BL 11 mar 1854)

       WILLARD, Aaron G., esq – m. Mrs. Mary Ann Gleason, all of Boonville, in this

       village, 10th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes(BL 12 Mar 1853)

       WILLIAMS, Elizabeth – died Port Leyden, 24th inst., no age, granddaughter of the

       late Rev. S. Williams of Clinton County, funeral tomorrow in Port Leyden (BL 25

       Feb 1854)

       WILSEY, Cordelia – died this village on 13th inst., age 31 years, wife of Hiram

       Wilsey, daug of Gould Denslow (BL 18 mar 1854)

       WILSEY, Hiram – m. Miss Ann E. Boyd, all of Boonville, in Boonville, 23rd inst.,

       by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 25 Nov 1854)

       WILSEY, Mariette – died this village, 11th inst., age 5 years, only daug of

       Hiram & Cordelia Wilsey (BL 15 Oct 1853)

       WINNE, William – of Leyden, m. Miss Mary Prichart, of West Leyden, in Boonville

       on 10th inst., at the Eagle Hotel, by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 18 Mar 1854)

       WINTHROP, Sandusky Mr. – died Harrisburg, 13th inst., age 31 years (BL 5 Aug


       WOLF, Mary – died this town, 6th inst., age 51 years, husband Henry Wolfe,

       eldest daug of Levin Jillson, married at age 21 to Cyrus Whitmore, 5 years later

       she was left a widow, 3 children, married Wolfe over 20 years (BL 9 July 1853)

       WORMUTH, Romeyn – died Boonville, 8th inst., age 3 years, youngest son of John

       D. Wormuth, esq of Williamsville (BL 10 June 1854)

       WRIGHT, John – of Macomb, m. Miss Maria Fishbeck, of DePeyster, St. Lawrence

       County, in DePeyster, Jan 4, by O.C. Jillson, esq (BL 20 Jan 1855)

       YATES, Jerome – died last evening, taken to his parents in Western (BL 11 Nov


       YATES, Jerome – died 10 Nov 1854 in his 20th year, Verse “A voice from the


       written by friend E. Pitcher (BL 18 Nov 1854)

       Z1NK, ____ - died, a boy about 14 years old was his by a whiffletree towing a

       boat from Hawkinsville (BL 20 May 1854)

       ZUFELT, Henry – of Leyden in. Mary Helen Hilts, of Boonville, in this village,

       22nd inst., at the residence of Nathan Wheeler, esq by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 25       Feb 1854)