The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


       RAY, Charles H. – of Gardner, Mass., m. Emila H. Wetmore, of Camden, in


       4th inst., by Rev. Mr. Jenks (BL 15 Oct 1853)

       READ, Charlotte M. Miss – m. Thomas E. Lawrence, all of Boonville, 31st inst.,

       by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 4 June 1853)

       RICH, Stephen – died Alder Creek, 28th inst., age 50 year (BL 14 Jan 1854)

       RICH, Stephen – Notice for claims against the estate (BL 20 May 1854)

       RIGGS, Sophia Wilcox – died Turin, 16th inst., age 1 year 6 mos., daug. Of

       Charles G. & Julia A. Riggs (BL 22 April 1854)

       ROBERTS, Maria Mrs. – died Leyden, 8th inst., age 35 years (BL 10 June 1854)

       ROBINSON, E.L. Miss – m. Mr. H.A. Fuller, all of Richfield, in Richfield, 1st

       inst., by Rev. Mr. Pratt (BL 14 may 1853)

       ROGERS, Sarah Miss – died in this town, 28th inst., age 5 years, daug. Of Joseph

       & Lydia Rogers (BL 28 may 1854)

       ROSER, Caroline 0 died 17th inst., age 6 mos 16 days infant daug. Of George F. &

       Magdalen Roser (BL 23 Sept 1854)

       RUGG, Franklin B. – of Leyden, m. Miss Jerusha Brown, the eldest daug. Of John

       Brown, esq., of Lewis, in Lewis on the 15th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 18

       Feb 1854)

       RUSSELL, Emeline – died Alder Creek, Thurs., July 28th, age 39 years, wife of

       John Russell, daug. Of Harvey Phillips, esq. (BL 6 Aug 1853)

       SCHUYLER, Philip M. – died this village, 10th inst., age 49 years, funeral

       tomorrow at Union Church (BL 11 Feb 1854)

         For sale &#82 11; the house of P.M. SCHUYLER by A. Bamber (BL 8 April 1854)

       SCOUTEN, Lester &#8211 ;died Boonville, 1st inst., age 4 years 6 mos 27 days, son of

       Richard & Rosana Scouten (BL 4 June 1853)

       SCRAFFORD, Adam – of Port Leyden, m. Miss Sylvina S. Clark, the youngest daug

       Of John Clark, esq. Of Leyden, in Leyden, 1st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 4 Mar


       SEYMOUR, Charles B. – died this village, 10th inst., age 22 mos only son of

       Elizabeth & Allen Seymour(BL 12 Nov 1853)

       SEYMOUR, Lyman – “Sad Accident” &#821 1; A long time resident

       near this village went over the bank with his wagon in E. Martinsburg. Front N. Journal

      (BL 5 Aug 1854)

       SHAVER, John C. – died Constableville, 7th inst. age 30 years, native of

       Columbia County, came here in boyhood, charter member-Order of Sons of

       Temperence (BL 12 mar 1853)

       SHEPARD, George – died Champion, Sun. The 1st St., age 56, leave 11 children,

       Mason(BL 7 may 1853)

       SHIPPY, Laura Mrs. – died Ava 11th St., age 37 years, daug of Jeremiah & Rhoda

       Chase of Ava (BL 20 Jan 1855).

       SHOPFIER, Mr. ____ - died West Leyden or Lewis, 1st inst., age 69 years (BL 11

       Feb 1854)

       SIMONDS, Mary A. Mrs. – died Lowville, suddenly, 18th inst., age 34 years, wife

       of Daniel Simonds (BL 6 Jan 1855)