The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


       MURRAY, ___ - the youngest daughter of Mr. Murray died in Hawkinsville on 3rd inst.

        (BL 5 Mar 1853)

       MURRAY, Harriet A. – died Hawkinsville, 3rd inst., age 4 mos, the youngest daug.

       Of Ezra B. & Minerva Murray “within 4 weeks, they lost all their children”

       (BL 11 June 1853)

       MURRAY, Louis Ellen Miss – of Lowville, m. Rev. John E. Buttin, “Rector



       Parish”, at the Trinity Church in Lowville on 6th inst., by Rev. L.S. Stephens

       (BL 17 Feb 1855)

       MURRAY, William A. – died Hawkinsville, June 9th, age 2 years 1 mos 9 days, the

       only son of Ezra & Minerva Murray (BL 18 June 1853)

       MURRAY, William J. – died Hawkinsville, 3rd St., age 1 year 17 days, only son

       of James & Mary Murray (BL 12 Mar 1853)

       MURRAY, Mary Ellen – died Hawkinsville, 21st May of canker rash, age 3 years 8

       mos, daug. Of Ezra & Minerva Murray (BL 28 May 1853)

       NARCROSS, Sidney – died 2nd inst., (sic) about 23 years old, legs burned off,

       Plattsburg Whig (BL 22 Oct 1853)

       NELSON, Martha Miss – died Boonville, 22nd inst., age 17 years of poison (BL 28

       May 1853)

       NELSON, Martha. – died of poison, father - Paul C. Nelson, mother Emeline


       Write Up” BL 4 Jun 1853)

       NEWCOMB, Michael Mr. – died Boonville on the 13th inst., “no age

       given” (BL 17

       Dec 1853)

       NICHOLS, Ezra – Suicide in Van Buren, last week, he was of Warner’s


       Town of Van Buren (BL 18 Feb 1854)

       NOBLE, Zimena – died Vienna, 4th inst., age 44 years formerly of Boonville,

       relic of Luke Noble (BL 12 Feb 1853)

       NOLAN, Mary Miss &#821 1; died this village age 30th year (BL 17 Sept 1853)

       O&#82 1 7;BRIEN, James &#82 11; killed in Boonville, Sunday, by James McCarn

       “Murder, Run,

       Jealousy” (BL 23 July 1853)

       OSTRANDER, Charles – drowned in Moose River, Greig, on 10th inst., age 31


       3 children, leave a young wife & 3 small children who were deprived of an own’s

       mother’s care about 1 years since. Member I.O.O.F. (BL 17 Sept 1853)

       OWEN, Ann Miss – of Lee, m. John Hews of Annsville, in Boonville at the hotel of

       R. Hurlburt, by Rev. A. Hall, Jr. (BL 20 Jan 1855)

       OWENS, Eliza A. Miss – the daug. Of Joseph Owens, esq. Of Boonville, in. Ezekiel

       W. Butler of Rome, in this village the 24th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 28

       Oct 1854)

       OWENS, James – died Trenton, July 31, age 74 years (BL 13 Aug 1853)

       PARRY, Henry – died Atlanta, GA April 23, age 23 years, son of John Parry of

       Westmoreland, with the firm of J.J. & H. Parry, Masons, Rome, born Trenton,

       removed to Hamilton (BL 7 May 1853)