The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


         MAHAFFY, William – died Boonville, 4th inst., age 7 mos., son of John Mahaffy

         (BL 6 May 1854)

         MALCOLM, Emily – died in Leyden, March 2nd, age 25 years, wife of Andrew J.

         Malcolm, 2 children: 1 age 2 years 1 age 2 mos. (BL 18 Mar 1854)

         MANCHESTER, Mary Jane – died this village on 1st inst., age 3 years, daug. Of G.

         W. Manchester, esq (BL 3 Dec 1853)

         MARKHAM, Charles – died West Turin, 6th inst., age 12 years, son of Henry

         Markham (BL 16 Dec 1854)

         MARSHALL, Mary Francellia – died in Hawkinsville, May 1, age 11 mos 19 days

         (BL 14 May 1853)

         MASSEY, Hart – died Watertown, 20th inst., age y 6 (sic) (BL 26 Mar 1853)

         MASURY, Martha Jane – died this village on 29th inst., age 1 year 5 mos 9 days,

         the youngest daug. Of Dr. John & Mary Masury (BL 3 Dec 1853)

         MEEKER, Job – m. Miss Melissa A. Hilts, all of Boonville, in Boonville, 25th

         inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 28 Jan 1854)

         MERRIAM, Helen M. – the dau. of Gen. Ela Merriam, m. B. Rush Bagg, esq., of

         Detroit, Mich., in Leyden on 22nd, by Rev. L.S. Stevens, pastor of St. Paul’s in

         Constableville (BL 27 Aug 1853)

         MILLER, Aaron – died Leyden, 20th inst., “at a very advanced age”

        (BL 24 Sept 1853)

         MILLER, Alexander – died this town, 15th inst., age 79 years, born Williamsburg,

         Mass., on May 1, 1773. At age 21 years he removed to Whitestown and to Boonville

         the next year. Married 1800 to Miss Eunice Preston of Remsen who died 1817. He

         married Mrs. Mary Fox. Presbyterian (BL 19 Mar 1853)

         MILLER, Caroline – died Constableville, 12th inst., age 47 years, consort of

         Peter Miller, esq “A Child” (BL 16 Sept 1854)

         MILLER, Merilla – died Syracuse, the morning of July 31, at the residence of her

         son, Dr. George L. Miller, age 51 years, wife of Loren Miller, esq., 1 of the

         1st settlers of Boonville (BL 5 Aug 1854)

         MILLER, Sarah Mrs. – died West Turin, 25th inst., age 70 years, original name

         Sarah Wilcox, native of Granby, CT., removed to Leyden at the age of 24 years

         (BL 30 July 1953)

         MITCHELL, Asaph &#82l6;Deacon’ – died this village, 9th inst., age 67

         Years, funeral tomorrow at Union Church (BL 11 Feb 1854) -

         MITCHELL, Asaph – born Meriden, CT., 4 Nov, 1786, removed to Norway,

         Herkimer County as a child with parents, resided at Norway until his marriage at age 20

         years, then he removed to Steuben where he built a home in the wild forest,

         lived there 11 years, buried his first wife, he remarried a few year, in 1817 at

         the age of 37 years he removed to Boonville, joined the Presbyterian Ch. In 1819

        (BL 18 Feb 1854)

         MORSE, Charles M. – m. Miss Diana Stephens, both of Lowville, on the 2nd inst.,

         by Rev. M.D. Gillett (BL 19Mw 1853)