The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


       JILLSON, Cyntha – the youngest daug. Of the late Levin Jillson of Boonville, m.

       Jonathan S. Brown of Cincinnati, Ohio, in this village, 22nd inst. by Rev. E.S.

       Barnes (BL 24 Dec 1853)

       JOHNSON, Mr? ______, - drowned in Oriskany, of Waterford (BL 16 Sept 1854)

       JOHNSON, Eliza Mrs. – died New Haven, CT., 5th inst., no age given, wife of

       Horace Johnson, esq, of Constableville (BL 23 Sept 1854)

       JOHNSON, William A. &#821 1; of West Turin, m. Miss Lydia A. Thayer, of Leyden on 6th

       inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes at his residence in this village (BL 16 Apr 1853)

       JONES, Andrew – died Boonville, 15th inst., about 52 years (BL 20 May 1854)

       JONES, Nathsn W. – m. Miss Almarin Wheeler, all of Boonville, on 29th inst., at

       the residence of Albert Wheeler, esq., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 2 July 1853)

       JONES, William – died this town, Thurs., last in his l9th year(BL 24 Sept 1853)

       JOSLIN, Rufus, esq. – m. Miss Ruth Granger, all of Boonville, in Boonville on

       24th inst., by ___ (BL _ Feb or Mar 1855 – date is cut off, the last paper in

       VoL III, No. 49)

       JUDSON, Giles M. – died Vernon, 26th inst., age 28 years (BL 5 Feb 1853)

       KELLOGG, Clarissa, Miss – of Leyden, m. William B. Pullman of Greig, in Leyden

       on 1st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 4 Feb 1854)

       KENT, Ada Caroline – died Lewis on 13th inst., infant, only daug. Of Ambrose &

       Nancy P. Kent (BL 15 Oct 1853)

       KENT, Charles – drowned in Lee on Friday of last week, in a saw mill pond, age 3

       years 6 mos., only son of George W. & Harriet Kent (BL 4 June 1853)

       KENT, Dwight L. – m. Miss Bianca Jenks, in Leyden, 9th St., by Rev. A.M. Smith

       (BL 13 Jan 1855)

       KENT, Marion F. – died in Ava, Sunday last, 25th year, only child of Remember &

       Triphena Kent (BL 26 Aug 1854)

       KiNGSBURY, Elias – died, 25th inst., age 83 years (BL 28 Jan 1854)

       KINGSBURY, Erastus, esq. – m. Miss Anna Arnold, both of Boonville, in Verona on

       15th inst., by Rev. Mr. Mosier (BL 17 Feb 1855)

       KINGSBURY, Fanny Miss – died Boonville, 12th inst., age 39 years (BL 15 July


       LACE, M.W. – trial of Miss Mary Ann Wheeler for killing M.W. Lace at Milwaukee

       (BL 28 May 1853)

       LETSON, Mrs. ____ - found dead in Westmoreland (BL 26 Aug 1854)

       LYMAN, Mary Jane – m. Alfred Greene, both of Martinsburg, in Copenhagen, 27th

       inst., by Rev. W.W> Hunt (BL 6 Jan 1855)

       LYMAN, P.G. Mr. – m. Miss A. E. Barnford, both of Lowville, in Lowville, July

       24th by Rev. N. Bosworth (BL 5 Aug 1854)

       LYON, Henrietta Miss – the daug. Of the Late Caleb Lyon, esq., sis of Hon. Caleb

       Lyon, M.C., m. Dr. B.. Holland of New Graefenburgh, in Lyonsdale, 29th inst., by

       Rev. Mr. Sawyer (BL 23 Dec 1854)

       LYON, John, esq, - m. Miss Eliza Backer, all of Boonville, in this village,.

       29th inst., by Rev, A.M. Smith (BL 1 Apr 1854)