The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


         HILDRETH, Mary Miss – of Turin, m. Henry G. Emm, at Hildreth’s Hotel,

         1st inst., by Rev E.S. Barnes (BL 3 June 1854)

         HILL, George – died yesterday, Third inst., Herald (BL 19 Aug 1855)

         HILTS, Charles – m. Miss Eliza M. Tibbits, both of Boonville, in Boonville, 3rd

         Inst., by Rev E.S. Barnes (BL 6 Jan 1855)

         HITCHCOCK, Isaac L. – died Ashford, Catt. County, 10th day of July, age 63

         years, formerly of Leyden (BL 2 Sept 1854)

         HOLCOMB, Edgar B. – m. Miss Hannah L. Jacobie, both of Greig, this village, 5th

         inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 9 Sept 1854)

         HOVEY, Abigail Mrs. – died Turin, 4th inst., age 36 years, originally a

         Fairchild, a sister, wife, mother,

         Leaves 6 children & a husband (BL 9 July 1853 & BL 13 Aug 1853)

         HOY, Barnard – “Fatal Affray at Hawkinsville”, last Sunday,

         Barnard Hoy was drinking at the house of John Betzold, keeper of an unlicensed groggery,

         when he assaulted an Irishman named FRANK, he was shot & killed in the commotion

         (BL 14 Dec 1853)

         HUBBARD, Huldah – died Leyden, 20th inst., age 43 years, wife of John Hubbard


         Leyden,, daug. Of Elias Miller of Leyden, his last child, Baptist, “Mother”

         (BL S Feb 1853)

         HUBBARD, Timothy – died Leyden, 8th inst., age 86 years, formerly from CT., 1


         the early settlers of Lewis County (BL 17 Feb 1855)

         HUBBARD, William – Article of the History of Lewis County, William Hubbard

         arrived in Lewis County in the summer of 1796 with his wife from Middletown, CT.

         via Fort Stanwix, “Mrs. Hubbard, now Mrs. SCOVIL, was the 2nd woman in this

         town” (BL 17 Feb 1855)

         HULL, Martha Elizabeth – father Joseph Hull, esq., m. Josiah Eakor, in

         Boonville, 3rd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 6 Aug 1853)

         HURLBURT, George A. &#821 1; died Shrewsbury, Mass. On 11th inst., age 3 years 3


         5 days, son of A. Hurlburt of Peoria (BL 29 Apr 1854)

         HYERS, Almira – died Port Leyden, 28th inst., age 23 years, wife of Walter

         Hyers, daug. Of James Backer (BL 7 Oct 1854)

         JACKSON, Clara A. – died on 12th inst., age 3 years, only daug. Of Morgan &

         Thirza Jackson (BL 18 Mar 1854)

         JACKSON, Mary Ann Miss – died in Boonville, 18th inst., age 26 years (BL 25 Feb


         JENKS, Lysander – of Lewis, m. Miss Eliza Ann Harvey, the youngest daug. Of

         Daniel Harvey, esq. Of Boonville, in Boonville, 6th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes

         (BL 11 Feb 1854)

         JENKS, Mary Ann Miss – m. Levi Dewey, both of Leyden,, in Boonville, 16th inst.,

         by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 23 Dec 1854)

         JENKS, Polly – died Ava, 12th inst., at the advanced age of 80 years, consort of

         William Jenks, Mrs. Jenks came from a home of plenty in the state of CT. to West

         Leyden in early life, soon after she was mar to Mr. Jenks (Long Obituary – no

         vitals) (BL 14 Oct. 1854)