The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


       GATES, Philo A. &#82l1; drowned on 23rd, a tinner at Knox’s Corners, formerly of


       from: Rome Citizen (BL 17 Dec 1853)

       GEBHARD, Eliza – died this village, yesterday morning, age 3 years, funeral

       today at Methodist Church (BL 17 Sept 1853)

       GOLLY, Andrew – of Lee, m. Miss Ellen McClusky, the daug of John McClusky,


       Of Boonville, on 4th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 8 July 1854)

       GRAHAM, Lewis I., esq. – of Hawkinsville, m. Miss Sarah Ann Eackor, of

       Boonville, in this town, 3rd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL S Mar 1853)

       GRAVES, Harriet W. – died in this village, Saturday 15th inst., age 6 years,

       only daug. Of Henry Graves, esq. (BL 22 Apr 1854)

       GUILLAUME, Frederick – m. Miss Mary Lewis, both of Boonville, in Boonville, 13

       Jan., by Rev. A. Hall Jr. (BL 20 Jan 1855)

       GUIWITS, Alida Louisa – died this village, 18th inst., age 2 years, parents –

       Mr. & Mrs. Henry Guiwits (BL 19 Feb 1853),

       GUIWITS, Marium, of Boonville, m. William Shaver, of Springfield Centre, Otsego

       County, at the residence of Isaac Guiwits, esq. Of Boonville, 21st inst., by

       Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 25 June 1853)

       GUIWITS, Susan – died Boonville, 16th inst., age 23 years, youngest daug. Of

       Isaac Guiwits, esq. (BL 25 Nov 1854)

       HADDEN, John E., esq. – “of this village”, m. Miss Clarissa


       of Western,

       in Utica at the McGregor House on 24th August, by Rev. O. Lincoln of Utica (BL 2

       Sept 1854)

       HALL, Julia Miss – died Leyden, 9th inst., age 33 years (BL 15 Oct 1853)

       HART, _____ - the 10 year old son of Isaiah Hart of Hubbertville, drowned at a

       lick (BL 9 Sept 1854)

       HARVEY, Peter H. – of Boonville, m. Miss Lana M. Lehr, of Ava, in Ava, 30th

       inst. By Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 1 April 1854)

       HAVEN, Clara Howard – died Constableville, 16th inst., age 7 mos, 14 days,

       infant daug. Of Warren N. & Susan C. Haven (BL 23 Sept 1854)

       HAVEN, Sarah C. – died Lyons Falls, July 29th, age 27 years, wife of W.C. Haven

       of New London, CT. daug. Of Eleazer Plumb of Constableville (BL 5 Aug 1854)

       HAWKINS, George C. – of Western, m. Lucinda A. Clark, of Copenhagen, in

       Copenhagen, 27th inst. By Rev. W.W. Hunt (BL 6 Jan 1855)

       HELMER, Leonard – m. Miss Electa Brooks, both of Boonville, in Boonville,   


       House, 18th Inst. by Rev E.S. Barnes (BL 20 May 1854)

       HIGBY, Lucinda – died Lewis, Lewis County, 11th inst. Age 42 years, wife of

       Benjamin Higby (BL 19 Mar 1853)

       HIGHLAND, Julia Miss – died in this village, 25th inst., of consumption, no age

       (BL 28 Jan 1854)