The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


             DEACON, Robert Arch, esq. – of New Bremen, m. Miss Wihelmina Grotrian, of                      

             the same, in Boonville on 30th August, by Rev. Agijah Hall (BL 2 Sept 1854)

             DEAN, Caroline – died Constableville on 21st inst., the infant daughter of

             George B. Dean (BL 30 Dec 1854)

             DENNIS, Catherine Mrs. – died in Boonville, 29th St., age 57 years, wife of

             Tilness Dennis (BL 1 Apr 1854)

             DENSLOW, Jeremiah &#82l1; Notice for claims against the estate of Jeremiah Denslow,

             late of Boonville (BL 14 May 1853)

             DEPEYSTER, Fanny – died Constableville on 25th inst. Age 2 years, father


             DePeyster (BL 30 July 1853)

             DEWEY, Chester G. – m. Miss Mariah K. Hall, both of Leyden, in Boonville, on

             10th inst., by Rev. A. Hall at his residence (BL 18 Nov 1854)

             DICKINSON, George H. – m. Miss Mary DickSon, both of Turin, at Eagle Hotel   

             on 2nd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 7 Jan 1854)

             DICKSON, ______ - 8 year old boy kicked by a horse in West Utica, “little hope

             of recovery&#822l; (BL 15 April 1854)

             DOUGLASS, Charlotte – died in Leyden, 27th April, age 70 years, wife of

             Nathan Douglass of Leyden (BL 24 June 1854)

             DOUGLASS, Nathan – died Ellisburgh, Jefferson County on 20th inst., age

             70 years

             (BL 24 June 1854)

             DOYLE, James – m. Miss Ann Monahon, both of Hawkinsville, in Hawkinsville

             on 12th inst., by D. Marshall, esq. (BL 18 Feb 1854)

             DRAKE, Melzar – of Boonville, m. Mary Goodenough of Martinsburg, in West

             Martinsburg, 14 May by V. R. Leonard, esq. (BL 28 May 1853)

             ELLIOT, John – drowned Erie Canal, age 10 years, Daily Sent. Of June 8th (BL

             10 June 1854)

             EVERETT, Margaret Mrs. – died in Remsen on 8th inst., age 27 years, wife of

             Lewis Everett, daug. Of Morris Roberts (BL 13 May 1854)

             FAULKNER, Emma C. – died this village, 5th inst., age 25 years, wife of H.D.

             Faulkner, esq., daug. Of William B. & Mary Hyde of Richfield, Otsego County,

             remains to Jordanville (BL 6 Aug 1853)

             FIELD, Albert M. – died South Rutland 22nd ult., age 30 years 11 mos 27 days

            (BL 6 Jan 1855)

             FISK, John M., esq. – m. Delia Allen, in this village on the morning of the 1st

             at the residence of John Cross, esq. By the same (BL 4 June 1853)

             FOLTS, John – died Alder Creek, 17th inst., age 4 years, eldest son of William

             and Amanda Folts (BL 21 Jan 1854)

             FRANKLIN, Betsey Ann – m. Robert Wad, both of Ava, in Ava, 16th inst., by

             Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 19 Mar 1853)

             FRANKLIN, Gilbert – died Ava, the morning of 20th inst., age 51 years (BL 22

             April 1854)

             FYLER, Mrs. ______ - the wife of Alfred Fyler was murdered near Syracuse at

             Split Rock, husband is suspect (BL 11 mar 1854)

             GARDINER, Eliza &#82l1; died Boonville, 22nd inst., age 34 years, wife of Alfred    

            Gardiner (BL 27 May 1854)

            GARDINER, George – of Berlin, Chenango County, m. Miss Minerva Newman,   

            of Jefferson County, at J. Barrett’s Inn, Dec 29th by Isaac Parsons, esq. (BL 7 Jan