The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger



       CONNER, Matthew - "Fatal Accident" - killed in Rome village, run over by the

       cars (BL 18 Nov.


       COOK, Atwater died Salisbury on Monday, age 27 years "politician" (BL S Mar.


       COOK, Nathan - died Remsen on 11th May, age 23 years,

       COOK, Simeon - died Remsen on 29th May, age 18 bros., smallpox, funeral by Rev.

       31st ult.

       (BL 4 June 1853)

       COONRADT, Adam - died in Troy jail yesterday, suicide (BL 5 Feb. 1853)

       CORWIN, Charles Fisher - of Martinsburg m. Miss Helen M. Fisher of Turin, at

       Hotel of Hon. R.

       Huribut on Feb 1., by Rev. A. Hall, jr. (BL 3 Feb. 1855)

       COVENHOVEN, Isaac D. &#821 1; died in Little Falls, Herk. Co. on 3rd inst., age49 (BL

       10 Feb. 1855)

       COVENHOVEN, Margaret `Mrs.' - died in Hudson, Mich., on 17th ult., age 31 years,

       widow of

       John B. Covenhoven formerly of Boonville (BL 3 Feb. 1855)

       CRAWFORD, Mary ‘Miss’ – m. John Higgins, both of Turin, in this

       village on 23rd

       inst., by Rev.

       E.S. Barnes (BL 30 July 1853)

       CROFOOT, James, Jr. - died in West Turin, 19th inst., age 33 years, 1st 22 years

       spent in West Turin, m. 1843 Miss. Hannah M. Plum, they were mar. 7 years, she

       died Nov. 22, 1850 “Big write up” (BL 25 Feb. 1854)

       CROGAN, Edward - drowned, Monday evening near Floyd Road "of this village"

       from Rome

       Sent. (BL 25 Feb. 1854)

       CRONK, B. Franklin - m. Miss Lydia Samantha Potter, both of Western, at Empire


       13 inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 16 Sept 1854)

       CROZIER, Francis E. the son of the late Lewis Crozier, aged about 12 years,

       left Hamilton,

       Madison Co. in May of last year, "found Dead in canal" (BL 25 Feb 1854)

       CUMMINGS, Margaret Mrs. – died Boonville on 6th inst., age 82, b. Hillsborough,

       IRE., emigrated with

       her husband in 1819, settled Boonville, Presbyterian, her husband died in 1849,

       10 children, all survive

       (BL 11 Nov 1854)

       CUNNINGHAM, George Hannibal – died this village on 21st inst., age 15th year

       eldest son of Foster L. * Asenath Cunningham, funeral at Union Church (BL 21 Oct


       DAVIS, Isaac – died Herkimer, age about 20 years, Englishman about 20 years old

       found dead on towpath on the 8th inst., from Herkimer Democrat (BL 21 Oct 1854)