The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


       BRAINARD, Emergene Miss' - m. Stephen Earl, both of West Turin, in West Turin

       on 25th inst.

       by Rev. L.L. Palmer (BL 30 Dec. 1854)

       BRAINARD, Jonathan S. - died Bristol, Ct. on Oct 8, 1853 age 52 years, see:

       obits for bro. & sis., Orlando V. & Nancy Ann Brainard (BL 6 May 1854)

       BRAINARD, Nancy Ann - died West Turin on 2nd ult., age 35 years, funeral

       services in

       Constableville on 4th inst., see: obits for bros., Jonathan S. & Orlando V.

       Brainard (BL 6 May


       BRAINARD, Orlando V. - died New Britain, CT on 15th ult., age 29 years, see:

       obits for bro. & sis., Jonathan S. & Nancy Ann Brainard (BL 6 May 1854)

       BRAINERD, Jesse - died Lee at the residence of his son on 7th inst., age 76

       years, (BL 23 Dec.


       BRANDSTATER, Henry - of Boonville, m. Miss Eliza A Gookins of Leyden, in Leyden


       residence of W.J. Hall by Rev. E.S. Barnes. (BL 11 Nov. 1854)

       BRIDGMAN, Mrs._____ - died Highmarket on 13th inst. the wife of Oliver Bridgman

       (BL 21 Oct. 1854)

       BRINOKERHOFF, Helen - died Hawkinsville on 18th inst., infant, only dau. of John

       L. & Ann


       BRINKERHOFF, Anna – died Hawkinsville on 1st inst., age 7 years (BL 23 July


       BRINKERHOFF, Sarah Maria - age 8, both daughters of Alonzo Brinkerhoff, (BL 6

       Aug 1853)

       BROOKS, Mary A. - died Rome on 31 Inst., age 24 years, father - Merit Brooks

       (BL 13 Aug. 1853)

       BROWN, John W. - of Greig, m. Miss Susan J. Ager of Leyden on 25 inst. by Rev.

       E.S. Barnes

       at his residence (BL 28 Oct. 1854)

       BROWN, Ellen - "Shocking Death” , died in Greig on 10 inst., age 15 years, the

       daughter of

       Caleb Brown, esq. of Greig, She was burning stumps in the field with her brother

       when her

       clothes caught on fire. Blade (BL 21 Oct. 1854)

       BRUNDIG, John - "Suicide of an old Waterloo Soldier", comm. suicide on Feb 23,

       old resident of

       Illinoistown, from: Bellville (Ill.) Advocate (BL 18 Mar. 1854)

       BUCK, Almira Jane - died Boonville on 20 ult., age 4 yrs. 4 mos., dau. of

       Charles & Hannah Buck (BL 7 Oct. 1854)

       BUCK, Betsey “Miss” - m. Mr. Charles Kilts, all of Ava, on 22 inst. by Rev.      

       Wm. M. Weld (BL 24 Dec. 1853)
       BUCK, William N. - died 5 St. at Rome, age 1 yr. l0mos. youngest son of

       Ebenezer H. & Lydia A. Buck of Boonville, funeral at Methodist Church (BL 7 Oct. 1854)