The Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855 The Boonville Ledger


              Vitals from the Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855

              Was Published on Saturdays by Ela Kent.

              Boonville Ledger beun 1852 - Norton, purchased by Ela Kent

              in 1853 sold by Kent in Feb 1855.

              The dates in () are dates of publication.


              ADAMS, Asa L. of Hawkinsville, m. Elizabeth Tice of North Western, in Boonville

              at R. Hurbut Hotel by Rev. A. Hall, Jr. "no date" (BL 23 Dec. 1854)

              ALLEN, Calvin `Deacon' - died Williamsville on 30th ult., age - 62 yrs. (BL 4

              Feb. 1854)

              ANDERSON, George William died Hawkinsville on 14th inst., age - l4mos., only son

              of John

              Anderson, esq. (BL 19 Mar. 1853)

              ANDREWS, Rose Ann - died this village on 12th inst., age 60 years, relict of

              late Aaron Andrews of Alder Creek (BL 17 June 1854)

              ARMSTRONG, Charles T. - died Vernon Center on 10th, the age 17 years, son of

              Earl F. Armstrong, member of Academic Dept. at Madison University (DL 28 May


              ARTHUR, Duane - the little daughter of Duane Arthur drowned in New Bremen last

              week (BL 19 Aug. 1854)

              AVERY, Jane "Miss” of Leyden m. Heman Ward of Vernon in Leyden at 

              Jonathan Avery's on 9th

              by Rev. Wm Weld (BL 16 July 1853) note: Heman is correct

              BACON, Moses - died Watertown on 20 inst., age 76 (BL 26 Mar. 1853)

              BANNINC, George D. m. Miss Anna M. Atkins Leyden, in Boonville on 3rd inst.

              by Rev. E.S. Barnes

              (BL 6 May 1854)

              BANNING, Helen Sophia - died Leyden on Fri., Dec. 30, 1853, age 5 years 7 mos. 3


              BANNING, Lydia Ann - died Mon., Jan. 9, 1854, age 3 years 20 days

              BANNING, Ellen Maria age 2 years 7 mos. 8 - died Thurs., Jan 12, 1854, days

              All of croup, all daughters of Sally & Joseph Banning

              `Verse' (BL 21 Jan. 1854)

              BARNES, Ezra C. of Boonville, m. Miss Harriet Murphy of Port Leyden in Boonville

              at Empire Hall on 12th Inst., by J.R. Tharatt esq. (BL 14 Jan 1854)

              BARNFORD, A.E. ‘Miss’ - Mar. See: Lyman, P.G. Mr.

              BARRITT, Samuel - of Boonville, m. Miss Marilla Ann on 8th inst. Powers of

              Trenton, in Boonville by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 11 Mar. 1854)

              BEARDSLEY, Mary Miss &#82l 1; of Ava, m. Amos E. Scofield of LeRoy, in this village

              on 19 inst., by J.R. Tharratt, esq. (BL 25 June 1853)

              BENEDICT, Daniel - died on 24th inst. in 69th year (BL 28 Jan. 1854)

              BOYD, Magdalena `Mrs.' - died Boonville on 27 inst., age 58 years, daughter of

              the late Rev. David DeVoe (BL 30 Dec. 1854)